Warning: These are early development builds! See About for details.

You can download development builds at our GitHub releases page here or click on the version link below. These will be Windows .exe files only during early development.

New in v0.0.4 (2023-05-20):

  • We’ve migrated to Godot Engine 4.x!
  • Public code is now in repository astropolis_sdk, restructured to enable future modding.
  • All of the “progress metrics” in the upper left display something now at least for Earth.
  • The internal mechanics that process operations from operations.tsv are largely working.
  • For Earth facilities, I’ve added operation capacity for all power generation types, a few extractions, one manufacturing, and CPU processing.
  • I’ve added a lot of content in the data tables with the help of chat AIs.

This dev built is still very “static”. We don’t have any interface yet to actually do anything. You can look around and get an idea of the level of the scope and detail that we will have in Astropolis.

v0.0.1 (2023-03-27): What you’ll see is a static solar system. You can move the camera around the solar system but can’t do much else. The main point here is to show the game “progress metrics” (in the upper left) and to give an idea of the level of game detail/abstraction we are working toward (much of this detail is present in the tabbed bottom-middle panel). Values that are presently “-” or “0” or seem much smaller than they ought to be most likely reflect content not yet entered in data tables or systems not yet implemented in code.